Monday, October 21, 2013

Golf and fishing what have they got in common

Golf and Fishing what have they got in common?

Do you know what Golf and Fishing have in common. How I went onto teach others. Want to play like a pro, well listen to one.

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Golf and fishing could not be more different but they both have something in common and that being is, how they give enjoyment and pleasure to all who participate in the sport. For most people they are hobbies and for others it is how they make their living. You can earn big money as a professional golfer. May I suggest if you do not play golf and think the sport is not for you then think again? The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

If it is the Rupert bear yellow checked pants, red jumper and blue cap that deters you from venturing onto the green then do not let this put you off. This is a familiar trade mark of most players who are comfortable with the Disney look. You wear what you are comfortable with.

Golf has to be one of the most laid back relaxing and enjoyable sports out there; if a sport can excite and give pleasure throughout a whole game then need I say anymore.

Learning to play is a great experience and can be great fun; mistakes will be made and no doubt this will leave your fellow


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